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According to astrology gemstones has been a good remedies used by astrologers for many many years apart from other  remedies. Mainly in vedic astrology navaratna     i.e nine gemstones are considered to be the best and most of the astrologers only suggest the gemstones among the navratnas.


 1.     Ruby  : Respresents  Sun 
 2.     Pearl   : Represents  Moon
      3.     Emerald : Represents  Mercury
4.     Diamond : Represent  Venus 
5.     Blue Sapphire : Represent  Saturn 
6.     Yellow Sapphire : Represent  Jupiter 
7.     Cat’s Eye : Represent  Ketu 
8.     Hessonite : Represent  Rahu 
9. Red Coral  : Represent  Mars 


There are many branches in vedic astrology as different rishis gave their own sutras     ( formulas ) and so there are different parameters for choosing a right gemstone according to one’s horoscope. So astrologers use different parameters to study a horoscope and decide the best suited gemstone according to one’s horoscope. 

* Some of the astrologers choose gemstones according to one’s ascendant / lagna of the horoscope.

* Some of the astrologer study the whole horoscope to find out the planet with lowest degree, which is considered as the weakest planet need to be strengthen.

* There are astrologers considering the sublord of the 11th house to the best planet to give result as 11th house is considered as the house of fulfillment of desire and so the gemstone represent that planet is considered for wearing in the ring. 

* There are astrologer who recommend to wear gemstones as per running mahadasa period of an individual.


Not all gemstone suits a person according to astrology in one’s horoscope. Unknowingly wearing a gemstone of one’s choice which if unfortunately do not suits the individual according to astrology will create unnecessary problems in his life, as it will activate those houses which would give pain, frustration and problems to the individual’s life.


There is a wrong self made beliefs among people that Pearl or moonstone and Yellow Sapphire can be worn in ring by anyone as they are very auspicious planet and do not harm anyone.

It is a belief that any person who is very short tempered, always in panic, gets annoyed too much can wear pearl or moonstone, which will help them to calm down and get focused. 

There are also people who feels that Jupiter being sattvic (harmonious ) planet so wearing a Yellow sapphire will always give benefic results and so there is a understanding among the people that anyone can wear Yellow Sapphire gemstone ring thus get benefit results in their life.

There is one set of people in the society according to whom wearing a Blue Sapphire ring could be very dangerous, even if it is suggested by an astrologer. The funny believe according to them is that the gemstone should not be worn directly in a ring. It should be tied in a small blue fabric and need to be tied on the arm and observe if any negative incidents or events is happening to the individual in 15 days or not. If nothing wrong happens during these period of time then only the person can wear the Blue Sapphire gemstone ring, otherwise not.


Some of the examples of problems taking pear and yellow into consideration, if worn without consulting an astrologer.      

*When a person wears a pearl or moonstone ring without the consulting an astrologer then if fortunate and moon which represent pearl and moonstone be the lord of benefic house then would not harm the person, but unfortunately if the moon is the lord of the malefic houses 6th, 8th or 12th house then the person wearing this ring will welcome troubles. More over if the moon is the lord of any of the malefic houses is positioned in another malefic house then the problems will be more prominent. As moon governs mind so the problems will be more pronounced on mental level concerning the house of that horoscope.

*The same kind of effect is seen when a person wears a wrong yellow sapphire ring without consulting an astrologer. As Jupiter has the tendency to expand, so it will activate the malefic houses and expand the problems related to that houses and thus the individual who thinks of benefitting from wearing a yellow sapphire ring is actually driving himself in problems.

The kind and nature of problems will differ from person to person as there are other parameters which will determine the strength and nature of problems according to the significations of the planets with respect to mahadasa and some other parameters as per the branches of astrology and its dictum.

This is not astrology shastra, but this is an illiterate in astrology common man’s believe shastra which is dwelling in the society and many believe it and is spreading by mouth to mouth conversation as there is no book or literature on this sutra, neither by rishi nor by any astrologers.