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Hello I practice vedic KP Astrology. In KP astrology the 2 minutes difference has got great importance in destiny prediction. Eg of twin birth, both have generally same horoscope, but the small time difference between the two birth time gives two different destiny of the children.
In past 20 years of my practice, my astrological guidance could bring smiles on the face of my clients. I am not a miracle making person having magic wand to change anyone's destiny, only sacred saints has that ability. The guidance of astrology acts miracle in shaping your destiny as you can pre-plan your plan of actions in advance there by minimizing the negative effect of the malefic planets which results in achieving success in your life. In other words astrological guidance helps in minimizing the negative effects of the planets and lead to success in life. For better tomorrow astrology is your guide.
I am from Mumbai,India. My qualification is BSc, PG in Textile Chemistry, MBA and learned Vedic Astrology. WhatsApp: +91 9869345107