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According to astrology gemstones has been a good remedies used by astrologers for many many years apart from other   remedies. Mainly in vedic astrology navaratna     i.e nine gemstones are considered to be the best and most of the astrologers only suggest the gemstones among the navratnas. NAVRATNA GEMSTONES THAT REPRESENTS THE PLANET  1.      Ruby  : Respresents   Sun    2.      Pearl    : Represents   Moon       3.      Emerald : Represents   Mercury 4.      Diamond : Represent   Venus   5.      Blue Sapphire : Represent   Saturn   6.      Yellow Sapphire : Represent  Jupiter   7.      Cat’s Eye : Represent  Ketu   8.      Hessonite : Represent  Rahu  9. Red Coral  : Represent  Mars    HOW TO CHOOSE A GEMSTONE There are many branches in vedic astrology as different rishis gave their own sutras     ( formulas ) and so there are different parameters for choosing a right gemstone according to one’s horoscope. So astrologers use different parameters to


In a horoscope there are many combinations of planets form due to their placements gives a particular results to every person having those type of combinations in their horoscope. Theses combinations are called “yoga” and our ancient rishis who gave us this beautiful knowledge of astrology has given different names to such combinations. There are many yogas and their dictums in astrology given by rishis.  The yogas can give positive as well as negative results as per the combinations of the planets in the horoscope. SOME OF THE YOGAS GIVING ASPICIOUS RESULTS GAJA KESARI-YOGA Gaja Kesari-Yoga is an auspicious yoga in Vedic Astrology. This yoga is based on the placement of Jupiter and Moon in a birth chart. This yoga is formed in the birth-chart when Jupiter is in angle from Moon. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th places are called the centre houses in chart. This yogas bestows a person with wealth, luck, children, overall prosperity and knowledge as Jupiter along with Moon is consi


In astrology all mahadasa of planets are good as well as bad. It all depends on the horoscope of an individual. Suppose a person going thru Jupiter mahadasa is giving him a very good result at the same time some other person going thru same Jupiter mahadasa may experience very bad effect of it and this is because of the placements of the planets in ones horoscope. The placement is effected due to its placement, the nakshtra in which it is placed, the rashi / zodiac, aspects of other planets, conjunction with planet, degree of the planet, the placement of the planet with respect to lagna / ascendant. Now in aspects and conjunction the result will differ according to the nature of the aspected and conjunction planets. The nature of the benefic planet will give one type of result while malefic planet will give other type of result. PAINFUL MAHADASA IN GENERAL It all depends on what are events a person looking for, during the period of mahadasa of a the planet.   In gener